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About us

Verysell Group of companies has been operating in the Russian IT market since 26 years as one of its leaders in such segments as computer hardware and software distribution, IT systems integration, industrial automatization and software development. In the last 3 years, the Group has significantly expanded its technological competences and diversified its target markets.

Main trajectories of our activities are creation of automated management systems for the needs of the main industries, creation of IT infrastructures for medium and large commercial and government enterprises, implementation of photovoltaic and water purification projects, development of software applications.  The Group executes full-cycle projects: from technical design to deployment and support.

Industrial automation

IT infrastructure

Software development

Complex of solutions for the automation of industrial processes at the level of ASUTP, SCADA, MES, EAM including industry-specific systems.

Any level of complexity projects for creating computing, network and engineering IT infrastructures.

Development of software applications being used for managing long-term projects and programs, assets, integration processes and restructuration of business divisions on the basis of our own icon3 platform.

Your success is our business

Verysell’s mission is the implementation of the most advanced technologies that would guarantee the success of our clients’ business. Our solutions cover all the sides of a company’s functioning: technological and business processes, infrastructural components, engineering networks and security.

Our advantages:

  • Efficiency and flexibility;
  • A unique industry-specific expertise and many years of practical experience;
  • Good skills in building trustworthy and efficient relations with each client;
  • Partnership terms with a wide range of international and Russian manufacturers of technological equipment and software;
  • Keen awareness of current market trends and ability to adapt to changing market environment.
  • Any level of complexity projects for creating computing, network and engineering IT infrastructures.


Establishment of the fundamentals of the new business:

Creation of a Joint venture company with a multinational distribution company Merisel Inc, world leader in its segment of the IT market.

Formation of the company’s distribution business.

Signing of distribution agreements with world’s leading manufacturers, including Intel, Microsoft and HP.

Our company implements in 1995 a Russian IT market-first private placement outside of the country.

Verysell brings to the Russian IT market a new concept of project-oriented distribution that subsequently became standard for all the leading companies.

Verysell Group starts diversifying its business and expanding into new segments of system integration and IT services within a newly adopted strategy aimed at increasing the share of its high-tech services.

Acquisition of V6 Technologies, a consulting company.

Reorganization and further expansion of business:

Two new companies Enterprise One and icon3 join the Group and become the core of the IT services and software development divisions.

The project-oriented and telecommunication divisions of the Verysell Group are combined into a new company Verysell Projects.

Expansion of competences and of geographical scope: creation of a subsidiary of Verysell Distribution in Kazakhstan, acquisition of a SAP division from Sterling Group thus becoming one of the leaders in this segment.

Four international investment funds become new shareholders in the company. Verysell starts working on its IPO.

Thanks to the management’s strategy to optimize expenses, Verysell Group was able to preserve its main competences during a devastating economic crisis.

After overcoming the consequences of the devastating 2008-2009 economic crisis Verysell regains its growth and adopts a program of developing its technological competences.

Verysell sells its distribution business to one of the largest Russian distributors Merlion Group in order to concentrate on IT system integration and broaden its expertise to other fields.

Verysell participates in the construction of the GPON cable networks for Moscow City Telephone Networks (MGTS) Company.

Creation of a new company AO «Verysell - Industrial Automation». The company targets clients from the mining industry, metallurgy, machine building, energy and chemical industries.

Implementation of a number of large-scale projects in the development and deployment of industrial automation systems. Among the clients – Phosagro Group, Metalloinvest Holding.

Entered into partnership relations with the world leaders in the field of production of industrial automation systems – Micromine, RungePincockMinarco and some others.

Verysell celebrates 25 years anniversary of its successful performance in the Russian IT market of which it was one of the pioneers.

In those 25 years, we grew from a small Joint venture company “Computer aided technologies (CAT)” which limited its activities to the distribution of IT products into a group of companies that implements highly sophisticated full-cycle manufacturing and business processes automation systems in different sectors of the economy.

VERYSELL Group participated in INOTEX 2016 and WATEX 2016 international exhibitions in Islamic Republic of Iran.

During their business trip to Tehran, Isfahan and Arak (Islamic republic of Iran), VERYSELL’s CEO Alexander Potarin and International Projects Director Pavel Lykov held a series of meetings with the management of leading Iranian manufacturing companies.

In April 2016 VERYSELL Group started its business development activities in Kuwait, first agency agreement with Al Mowsim General Contracting Company was signed.

At the high tech’s top since 26 years

Verysell Group of Companies started on June 20th 1990 when the first company “Computer Aided Technologies (CAT)” was created. Its main business was distribution of the products coming from the leading IT vendors. Today Verysell is a group of companies implementing full-cycle production and business processes automation projects. The projects are based on third-party hardware and software solutions as well as on the company’s own innovative research and development. Being of the same age as the Russian IT market Verysell is one of the few companies that managed to not only survive but also to become stronger, develop new business lines and widen its competency. All these years Verysell has managed to play an important role in the market segments where it is present.

We were lucky to be part of the birth and growth of the Russian IT market, to bring new technologies to many of our partners, to make an input into the creation of interaction modules, which have since become the basis of any IT project. Verysell played its part in closing the huge gap that existed between the Russian and world markets, in turning acquisition of leading IT technologies into a priority goal for the business community and the country as a whole.