Сable Systems for Growth: Modernization at the Automatics Research Institute

03 December 2015

VERYSELL Group completed another stage of design and deployment of the cable system for the All-Russian Research Institute of Automatics. This modernization initiative covers 5 buildings of the facility located at two sites in Moscow.

VERYSELL Group has been involved in the cable system modernization and setup project since 2014. A range of initiatives aimed at creating or updating the network infrastructure, move transit networks, etc. has been carried out since then. Most recently, in 2015, the system segment covering 5 buildings located at two separate sites in Moscow was renewed. Communication lines in administrative and work units of the Institute were built from scratch or modernized without interrupting current operations; the existing system topology was revised with regard to development plans (construction of new buildings and migration of staff). Although the system relies on components from different vendors (EuroLan, Panduit, etc.), it meets all moderns standards and requirements. Thanks to modernization, the staff gets stable access to corporate IT services while costs of using low-voltage systems are reduced.

“A structured cable system is a certain type of an organism having as much of an active life, as its user does. Organizational or staff changes, advent of new technological systems, - all need be reflected in the cable system development. Working on the project for the Institute, we take into account its changing needs and create flexible solutions that can easily adapt to increasing loads with minimal costs”, said Dmitriy Mironov, CEO of VERYSELL-Ikontry